Astonishing Tbilisi

Дорогой читатель, если ты говоришь по-русские, то вот статья “Великолепный Тбилиси” на русском.

In October 2015 I had a chance to fulfill one of my dreams – travel to Georgia! Today I want to share my experience and emotions I went through along with the pictures I made.

Tbilisi, being the capital of Georgia, has a great many of old vintage buildings that made my heart tremble each time I saw them. Probably you have already seen my picture made in Tbilisi’s Old Town – Malvina’ routine. What can I say? I am a great vintage lover!

So what is Tbilisi? It is a great place with amazing nature, beautiful old-styled architecture, astonishing Botanical Garden, breathtaking mountains and friendly people.

Join me in my adventure!

A view on Tbilisi from Narikala fortress:


A view on Kura river (Mtkvari in Georgian naming) and modern pedestrian Bridge of Peace:


A haze on road to Mount Kazbek:


Georgeous view of Georgia’s nature:


A view on canal on the road to Mount Kazbek:


A monk near the Gergeti Trinity Church:


Sheep in small town Stepantsminda:


What can I say? I think sheep are beautiful creatures and I can’t help making a photo with them. But the herdsman didn’t like this idea and told me what he thought about me showering curses in pure Russian. It was the one and only time I came across rudeness in Georgia :)


The cross near the monk’s cell:


Philosophical thoughts of a Georgian dog:


One of thousands of cats from Old Tbilisi:


A view on Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (further) and Metekhi temple (in the front):


A view on Tbilisi from Mtatsminda park. A futuristic building on the left is the house of justice. People call it simply the mushroom building:


Little friends on a cold day in the mountains:


Suddenly, someone is getting angry…:


But now you know who is the real boss :) By the way a beautiful dog on the right took part in one of my shoots. Pure model:


Here is pedestrian Bridge of Peace that has all in all 1 208 LED fixtures with the help of which it sends a message in a Morse Code of periodical table of elements. We all consist of the same elements that is why the idea of the bridge is to celebrate life and peace between people:


A gorgeous view on night Tbilisi:


A view on Mtatsminda mountain:


A night view on Narikala fortress:


Surprisingly, but it looks as if everyone in Georgia has amazing vocal abilities. All street musicians, all singers at the concerts I attended sang amazingly. I wonder if it is a national peculiarity? For instance, here is the extract from the closing part of the  concert dedicated to the running marathon 2015:

To be honest, there are also some drawbacks as well. For instance, cigarettes. It looks as if every person in Tbilisi smokes and especially women. It is allowed to smoke everywhere and as a result it is hard to breath and cigarettes’ ends are everywhere. There is also a high level of unemployment rate in Georgia (around 12,40% in 2015), but nevertheless, even it is sometimes hard to keep life standard for the locals, they tend to be very friendly and good-natured. At last, the great problem for me was road traffic. Drivers don’t obey driving rules. It feels like the city has its own whimsical rules and there is no pedestrian infrastructure at all. There are not many traffic-lights and pedestrians have to cross the roads in a risky way.

At last, I want to share a video from celebration of the city’s day in Tbilisi. Look at this adorable Georgian young lady, who gave me her flower and invited to play with her. I don’t speak Georgian, but language barrier means nothing in this situation:

So was my trip to Tbilisi. And I couldn’t be happier as one of my dreams came true. I wish the citizens of Tbilisi prosperity and peaceful sky and encourage people to visit this wonderful place.





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