2016 in pictures

collage pictures 2016.jpg

2016 in pictures

One more year has passed and it is time to look back for a little while and see the results of 2016.

Since I am a great fan of statistics here is some of my statistics and highlights of the year:


50 photoshoots (less then previous year, but to my mind they were much more profound and cohesive this year)

39 realized photography concepts with all in all 125 pictures

50 blogposts

Here are 7 most popular blogposts of mine:

Trepidation nature

Between two worlds

Longing reunion

In search of self-identity

The journey of creation

My long-hair dreams

Leave that mask alone!

5 new pictures for my project on children’s world perception Within their eyes

New method of working this year – SERIES. Here are four complete projects: Series: Trepidation natureSeries: Longing reunionSeries: Transformation dance and Series: Becoming

I shot in studio for the first time in my life

Participation in group exhibition ‘Children’ in the Centre of Youth Design


Participation in group exhibition Photo Vernissage


There were several important publications of my pictures in 2016. All of publications can be seen here


Publiation in magazine Inspiramus, August 2016

© Mari Nino Photography 2016

Publication in book ‘North – coutry without borders’, 2016

Here are my ten personal favorites of this year:

empty room small

deliverance small




© Mari Nino Photography 2016


© Mari Nino Photography 2016

© Mari Nino Photography 2016

holism small


I became a Godmother of a lovely Ulyana

I passed successfully two international exams (English and German)

I also passed 2 exam sessions with destinction at the university (as I am in the process of getting the second education)

Not much travelling this year. I had been to Thailand for the first time in my life and I travelled to Moscow for exams passing

My dream came true as I dived into 8 metres and then into 25 metres underwater.


r001-024 Me on Raya Island (Thailand). Pictures by eldarovsky

I was kissed by the elephant one dayIMG_8882small.jpg

And by the transsexual the other IMG_8746small.jpg

I guess life is not going to be the same again :)

These are just small glimpse of my 2016 that was truly a year of communication and fun studies.

Here we are in 2017. I wish you a happy start of this year!

New goals, new accomplishments, new events and emotions!

Results of previous years:

2015 in pictures

2014 in pictures


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