2017 in pictures

Русская версия данного поста тут.

Dear readers, 2017 is over and it is high time to see the results and milestones of the previous year. I specifically post the results a bit later as I always take time to analyze what had happened the previous year, what were my feelings and thoughts about it. First five days of any new year serve as time for critical thinking for me .

Part of my tradition is the collage with my pictures from 2017:


Year 2017 in pictures

I start not typical of me this time. From personal things.


The biggest change that had happened in my life in 2017 is that I quit the job I had for the last 4,5 years. That was truly a big decision for me, since I had some sort of setup in my mind that one needs to have what people call “a normal job” (read here: the one which is usually from 9 to 6). The job was completely unsatisfying and never brought me the feeling of belonging to something important and fulfilling. Plus I had to combine it with two other jobs to live a comfortable life. Which all lead to exhaust and deceases.

I believe it is very hard to be an artist in Russia. For most people being in artist sounds like to be crazy. Not many people take it seriously and expect others to behave like they got used to. There is a wave of freelancers right now in Russia, but they still face a lot of criticism. The point of me writing this is that I believe that one should do what he really likes. So I like taking pictures, writing essays, teaching English and German, writing diploma and control works for others. These are the thing that I do to some extend well or at least I am trying to self-improve in these activities from day to day. Why not to make these things as my job, especially if they make me happy? I guess, the answer is obvious – one should follow his own dreams :) Ok, this was a bit of lyrics.

I travelled a lot last year. First of all I spend three wonderful days in Moscow full of events. Then I travelled to Hungary, to amazing Budapest, the memories of which fill my heart with warmth and happiness. I also travelled to Austria for the first time in my life. I had a great chance to practice my German there. Oh, and Vienna is so clean and cozy! So I thought for a while, why not to show you my trips via film? Luckily my boyfriend Eldar is a talented film photographer. Check his instagram profile here.

Breathtaking Budapest:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

all pictures by @eldarovsky

Strict, but cozy Vienna:


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all pictures by @eldarovsky

In 2017 I also successfully passed two international exams (English and German) in Moscow.

We also finished the renovation of our flat. I finally got the real working place (oh, gosh after so many years sitting in the kitchen with a lame light!) and now it is very inspirational to work at home :)

I started to play intellectual game ‘Mozgoboj’ with my beloved colleagues from ex-work (the work was terrible, but the colleges are great people and good friends :). Really enjoy this game and can’t wait for the next one. We even took 3rd place several times. Set the goals!


our team ‘Socio party’, me the second from the left


Now let’s look at some statistics concerning art:


41 photoshoots

41 realized concepts (all in all 397 pictures)

49 blogposts

Participation in the exhibition ‘My planet’. More in my blogpost here.

exhibition (3)

me at ‘my planet’ exhibition

I shot a wedding. It was not the first time I did it. But for several years I didn’t take wedding shoots, because I couldn’t afford to spend one entire day for the shooting and plus a good amount of time to edit all the pictures in one style, because I didn’t have a day off at all. And I want to do my work well, I want to see happy faces of my clients!


I really made myself comfortable shooting in the studio.

some of our studio experiences

My article was published on my beloved website for photographers PHLEARN. Check it here.


extract from my article on Phlearn website

My picture ‘The gyre’ was published on DarkBeauty Magazine site. See it here.

‘The gyre’ and series ‘Trepidation nature’ received honorable mentions from the jury of several competitions: Neutral Density Awards 2017, International Photography Award 2017, Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 (all links are clickable)

the gyre small

‘the gyre’


extract from series ‘trepidation nature’

‘Russia beauty’ received 3rd place in category ‘Children’ of Neutral Density Awards 2017. Yapi!

Russian beauty

‘Russian beauty’

nd_certifcate_prize3 Russian Beauty-001

certificate of 3rd place in category Children

The picture ‘Inspiration’ has been chosen to set an example of describing an image for a German exam by my beloved teacher of German – Marija Dobro. Check out her youtube channel if you study German. It is very helpful! Seriously I am a fan!



Released three concepts for my ‘Within their eyes’ project.

pictures for my project ‘Within their eyes’ from 2017

Here come seven most popular posts from 2017 (links are clickable):

Series: Daughter of Eve

On importance of self-esteem

Live to the full potential

Rock’n’roll evenings

Walking in Budapest

Bed of roses

The rain

Here are my ten personal favorite images of this year:

© Mari Nino Photography

pic (5)


pic (41)


daughter of Eve (8)

astray small

dress up night

the gyre small

bed of roses

This year will be a year of management for me. I need to do a lot of work in organizing my schedule the way that makes me most efficient and happy. I plan to do a lot of travelling this year, oh and a lot of studies as well (in photography and two other things I’ll tell a bit later).

I wish you all a good start of 2018 and a happy and great year full of positive emotions!


Results of previous years:

2016 in pictures

2015 in pictures

2014 in pictures






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