Year 2018

Ambassador’s page on YouPic – Mari Nino

DarkBeauty Image – ‘Empty room’ by Mari Nino

DarkBeauty Image – ‘Revelation’ by Mari Nino

DarkBeauty Magazine (issue 9/17) page 115

DarkBeauty Image – ‘Astray’ by Mari Nino

DarkBeauty Image – ‘Womb’ by Eldar Abdullin (me as a model)

‘The fear inside’ in 500px stream

DarkBeauty Magazine (issue 4/18) pages 66-68

BoredPanda: I Found Twin Male Models To Portray A Story About Fears


Year 2017

Article – Three Life Periods Any Artist Undergoes (on Phlearn)

Describing Mari Nino’s image ‘Inspiration’ for learning German by Marija Dobro (in German)

DarkBeauty Image – ‘The gyre’ by Mari Nino


Year 2016

‘BoredPanda: I created series on womanhood’

BoredPanda: I Created A Series Of Pictures On Self-Identity In Hope To Find Myself

BoredPanda: I Show The Tranformation We Go Via Conceptual Photography

Inspiramus Magazine (‘Trepidation nature’ series p. 66-75) issue – August 2016

Book ‘North – coutry withiout borders’ (series ‘Dreams’)

A story on friendship of human being and husky by Mari Nino

Kulturologia: Sincere story on true friendship of a red-haired girl and husky

BoredPanda: I Invited Husky For A Shoot To Create Photographic Series On True Friendship

‘Trepidation nature’ – series of works on modern society (article in Russian)

BoredPanda: I Created Cinematic Story On Society

BoredPanda: I Decided To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone As A Fine Art Photographer

BoredPanda: I Traveled To Georgia To Show It As It Is

A travel to Georgia by Mari Nino


Year 2015

Phlearn: weekend inspiration CXL

Interview for ‘Fairytale photography group’ (in Russian)

Publication to the competition “North — Сountry without Borders” (extra nomination)

BoredPanda: I Create Photographic Stories With Children

Photographic Tale of the Week: the monster

BoredPanda: I Take Dreamy Pictures To Show The Beauty Of The World And Its Creatures

Youpic: Inspiration pictures

Phlearn: Weekend Inspiration CLXV

8 fairytale pictures that show you how one can dream


Year 2014

Phlearn: weekend inspiration LXXXVI

FormART’14 booklet (Kunstverein Glinde e.v. Germany)

Bille Wochenblatt (in German)

Glinde Zeitung (in German)

Luebecker Nachrichten (in German)

Stormarner Tageblatt (in German)