Within their eyes

dress up night

When I first faced betrayal in my life, I felt myself devastated by that fact, the whole situation seems to be so unfair, I immediately needed gradual purification. It was the time I truly started thinking why some people are so cruel towards the others. The answer was not hard to find – it all comes from childhood. That is how the idea to take pictures of children to show their world perception came to me. I wrote an article on BoredPanda.com concerning my project devoted to children – ‘Within their Eyes’.



a young painter

‘a young painter’

hidden flowers small

‘hidden flowers’

Russian beauty

‘Russian beauty’





the waiting small

‘the waiting’


‘the story of one painter’




‘a thousand game’

© Mari Nino Photography 2016

‘open mind’

The hedge

‘the hedge’

dress up night

‘dress up night’

03 small

‘Milena at 4’